Meet Garrett & Jenn Thalman 

ABOUT ME - Written By Jenn​

That handsome fella in the picture with me is my soul mate, we met in 2001 and got married in 2002 - so you do the math, we have been together. . . a lot of years, and we are still going strong. In fact, in 2020 on the Summer Solstice, we had a commitment ceremony (think vow renewal, just not "re" doing anything) we wanted to set a new intention for the rest of our lives together!

We have two kiddos together, they are in their teen years, it is fun and there is never a dull moment! My kids and husband are the center of my world, well them and our pets!

I have always been a cat person, we currently have four (yes, 4!) kitties that run the house. But now, I guess I am just a pet-obsessed person, last year, we adopted two Labradoodle sisters, and they really have my heart, I can't imagine not being their human.

A Few Of Jenn's Favorite Things

My Tribe: Check them all out to the left!

Garrett (hubby & Soul Mate) - Tanner & Dylan (my human kid's) and Marley & Bayley (fur kids) not pictured are 4 cats; Loosey, Dustin, Willie Nelson & Mr. BoJangles. FYI - this was our Covid19 "Front Porch Project" Photo back in April 2020 when life was shut down.

Movies: Crash, Across The Universe, The Invention of Lying & Death at a Funeral, Up!, Little Miss Sunshine, Footloose, 

Books: The Alchemist, The Traveler Series, The Handmaids Tale, and anything by Thich Nhat Hanh. But I really love to read, so if you have a favorite I should check out, please share!

Music: Oh it is so vast it would surprise you... everything from Chris Ledoux, Metallica, Bob Dylan to Ice Cube!

Road Trips:  Road trips and adventure feed my soul, finding a long road heading now-where can always ease my troubled mind, and bring balance and clarity in difficult times. When we have spare time, that is where you can find us, out in the west Utah desert, on a country road in Idaho or exploring a canyon, with our dogs and a cooler full of snacks!

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