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Your Life - Your Story

we are here to document your journey!

Photography is an art form that has the extraordinary power to preserve cherished moments, allowing them to endure in a single frame. It serves as a timeless means of capturing the beauty and significance of all the important chapters in life, helping you relive the emotions and experiences that define your journey.
Our expertise lies in several key areas: weddings, elopements, couples photography, as well as unconventional landscapes and night sky photography (astrophotography). With years of experience, we've honed a unique vision and style, which we use to capture the pivotal moments in life.
We offer a diverse range of photography services, all of which can be customized to suit your individual needs. This, we believe, is the ultimate way to share the highlights of your life with those you hold close to your heart.

check out some of our favorite wedding moments...

all the other good stuff too...

It starts with a desire for Something Different for your next photo experience...

Capitol Reef Wedding
Utah Elopement Photographer

and you end up having

Thoughtful Connection

We truly love spending time with people that get our vibe, if you are still here, it is likely we are your kind of people, and there is a lasting connection that will come from hanging with us!

A Hell Of A
Good Time

We don't like to make promises, but you can just about bet, that there will be laughs and tears had by all when we are there to capture your day!


Taking this to enjoy the journey, is one of the most important aspects to us. It is all about staying present and taking in the moments that are your story.

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