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Urban Rooftop | Downtown Salt Lake City Wedding

This love story started, with a swipe right, because of a shared love of anime. They agreed to go on an adventure that Saturday… However, they met up a day earlier to have coffee, which ended up being a “hazy” first date. The following day, on what would have been their official first date, they ended up laughing about the awful first date… and had what turned into one of the best nights of their lives!

A few days before their wedding day, we spent the evening in downtown SLC visiting all of the places that are part of their unique love story… coffee shops, restaurants, and bars; as they reminisced about all the times that brought them to their wedding day.

They started the day off with a morning road trip to get Jenn’s hair done in Grand Junction and met up with us on the way back at a little area near the winding Colorado river to get a little dirt on the tires before doing some fun photos around Moab. There is no official “Starbucks” drive-through in Moab, so they brought along their special Starbucks cups, to celebrate that their first kiss was in a Starbucks parking lot; and instead of a coffee shop parking lot, The Moab sign seemed like the best spot to really kick off the adventures of the day.

Wedding Day

Rosie and Jon had their closest family and friends join them on a rooftop downtown; to watch as they shared their vows with one another and the universe.

The day started at their Air-BNB where Rosie and Jon got ready separately. While we were there, Jon and his friends took a few shots, and we took a few shots too... of the details and getting ready of course!

Off to Spy Hop Roof Top for dinner, then the ceremony and celebration!

"Rosie and Jon have a relationship that they describe as quirky, romantic a little ridiculous, and always fun. They are a team, knowing that together there isn't anything they can’t achieve."

"The ring is an ancient symbol, so perfect and simple. It has no beginning and has no end. It is round like the sun, like the moon, and like your arms that embrace.It is a circle; for love that is given comes back around again."

- Quotes from their ceremony by Wilde Heart Weddings

The separate containers of sand represent your lives to this moment; individual and unique. One representing each of you, all that you are, and all that you ever will be.

This sand within the individual containers is from the Utah desert, and it is also symbolic and represents a very special trip that they all went on as a family to Moab this spring. It represents a time when they began setting the foundation of their family.


On To The After PArty

And to end the night, we wrapped up with a few artistic portraits of The Newlyweds!

Here's To Happily Ever After!

If all these photos were not enough to blow your mind

take a few minutes to check out their Highlight Film, which brings this love story to life!

The VENDORS That Made This Day PERFECT!

Coordination & Officiant

Wilde Heart Weddings by Jennbrook


Jenny W., Our Exclusive, In-House Baker for

Wilde Heart Weddings


Spy Hop Rooftop Instagram: @therooftop_spyhop


Garrett & Jenn Wilde are an adventurous husband and wife team that specialize in all things weddings. Jenn is a full-time wedding officiant and coordinator, who sometimes dabbles in photos as long as the camera is on auto. Garrett is the real talent w it comes to imagery and enjoys astrophotography and landscape photography as a hobby, but really loves taking the time to connect with couples and capture their love story in imagery.

They are based in Utah, but travel for work and adventures throughout the western states with their two Labradoodles, Marlee & Baylee. Their elopement photography is best described as candid, in-the-moment photography, with an emphasis on alternative, non-traditional couples, & elopements.


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