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Wild and Free: Josh's & Brianna's Utah Elopement

Utah elopements beckon the romantics, the daydreamers, the lovers of tranquility and nature's beauty. In the still, serene canyon, that is home to the Mirror Lake Highway, Josh and Brianna's love story took root at a secluded spot near a tiny lake high in the Uintah Mountain Range.

There these two found their sanctuary. Each tender moment was theirs alone; their whispers carried on the alpine breeze, their promises to one another as solid and enduring as the towering peaks in the distance.

This elopement is marked not by ostentation but by the intimate grace of the natural world.; it was about two souls forging a union as enduring as the rock underfoot, as free as the birds soaring overhead.

No love story is complete without its storyteller, and in the world of elopements, that storyteller is the photographer. For the wandering souls and those committed to capturing beauty in its rawest form, turning memories into a legacy that outlasts the sunset is more than just a job. It's a calling. These are the moments we live for. Moments drenched in significance, captured with a shutter click, yet echoing in the heart indefinitely.

Candid Elopement Photo, Couple in Utah

Nestled in the embrace of the Park City mountains, their day began—not with the clamor of fanfare, but with a slow morning of breakfast, and then getting ready together. Our team arrived in the afternoon and after just a couple of photos of the finishing touches we took off, into the canyon.

As we arrived at the first location on the timeline, part of the team hiked down to the waterfall with Joshua to get him all set up for the official "First Look" while Jenn stayed back to whip out the pop-pop up changing tent that is a staple for adventure elopements. There, In eager anticipation, Brianna stepped into her gown, each moment one step closer to the promise of a shared life.

Provo River Falls

Bridal Photos at Provo River Falls

Bridal Photos at Provo River Falls

Bridal Photos at Provo River Falls

Couple in love at Provo river falls

Couple at provo river falls on wedding day

Couple at Provo River Falls

After their first look, Brianna in her elegant gown, moved with the poise of the pines that stood guard around them. Josh, her steady partner,  carried the calm of the silent peaks, as they wandered around the falls.

Utah Elopement Photographer

Utah Elopement Photographer

Utah Elopement Photographer


As we stated earlier, no story is complete without its storyteller, in the world of elopements, that storyteller is the photographer. It is because of this that couples sometimes overlook the ceremony as an equally important part of an elopement day, however, without a ceremony, without an amazing officiant, a chapter is missing, and your love story is cut short.

Just as nature stands witness to your unspoken vows, so too does your officiant—a light in your love story. They are the gentle but sure voice that guides you through the maze of emotions, offering solace and warmth in the enormity of the wilderness. This is the moment your hearts have whispered about, this is the moment where you commit your life to your soulmate. The entire day is full of celebration and excitement, but the ceremony is when you can slow down, hold your partner's hands, and focus on loving each other.

Elope In Utah

Utah Elopement
Utah Elopement

"Brianna, you are the glue to your family. I knew you were the one when I first met you. I look forward to all of the plans that we have made together and continuing to build a life that we have both dreamed of. "

Utah Elopement

"Josh, I love your heart and your drive and determination. With you, I feel safe, complete, and at home. I can't wait to be Mrs. Martin! I see a future of adventure and of course so many movie nights. I looks forward to continuing to work as a team as we build our life together. "

Utah Elopement

Utah Wedding Officiant

Just Married

Time To Celebrate!

We planned to have their celebration at an overlook near Bald Mountain Trailhead, as golden hour kissed the horizon. However, Utah weather had different plans, there was no golden hour, the sun was behind the clouds and a storm was on the horizon. Yet Bri and Josh were not discouraged, we could be cheesy and say that their love kept them warm, but honestly, it was the Minky Couture blanket that we had in the car; and of course the cake and champagne celebration that we planned!

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Champagne Toast

As the sky darkened, Josh and Brianna held onto each other tightly and toasted their marriage. And despite a storm that had rolled in, bringing wilde winds and even more chill to the air, they shared their first dance with such joy and ease; it was clear they were in their own little world, a world they were just beginning together.

First Dance On Mountaintop
Utah Wedding Photographer

Candid Wedding Photographer

Utah Destination Wedding

Wedding In Utah

Wedding Rings

Utah Bride

Utah Mountain Elopement

First Kiss At Elopement

Couple Love

Just Married

Now, standing together, hand in hand, where the sky kisses the mountaintops, they realize that even the lightest moments can herald the gravity of a love that was meant to last an eternity.

Utah Elopement Location

This moment marked their start—a simple, yet deeply profound, beginning, pinned under a sky that held the first words of their lifelong story. Here's to hoping that their life is filled with endless moments like this—simple, beautiful, and full of love.


The Professionals That Made This Day Epic!

Forget about the traditional courthouse and say hello to an adventure elopement

package that will create unforgettable memories for a lifetime.


Wilde Moon Imagery - Garrett Wilde

IG @wildemoonimagery

Planning, Set-up & Officiant

Wilde Heart Weddings ~ JennBrook


Hope & Evolution Floral - Robbin Daffin

Phone:  801-979-2827


Honey Skies Bakery ~ Skyli Allderidge

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Garrett & Jenn Wilde are an adventurous husband and wife team that specializes in all things weddings. Jenn is a full-time wedding officiant and coordinator, who sometimes dabbles in photos as long as the camera is on auto. Garrett is the real talent when it comes to imagery and enjoys astrophotography and landscape photography as a hobby, but really loves taking the time to connect with couples and capture their love story in imagery.

They are based in Utah but travel for work and adventures throughout the western states with their Labradoodle, Baylee. Their elopement photography is best described as candid, in-the-moment photography, with an emphasis on alternative, non-traditional couples, & elopements.

Garrett and Jenn Wilde


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